Veterans Opportunity to Work: Benefits for Employers

Hire a Veteran and Serve Those Who Have Served

Employers, when you hire and train service-disabled Veterans you may qualify for incentives and tax credits.

  • Special Employer Incentives for Hiring Veterans

    The Special Employer Incentives (SEI) program provides assistance to employers who hire Veterans. The SEI program connects qualified Veterans with a specific role at your organization. Veterans who successfully complete the hiring program are expected to stay on at your organization. With this program, you can hire a qualified trainee at an apprenticeship wage.

    Employers are reimbursed for up to half the Veteran’s salary to cover certain supplies and equipment, additional instruction expenses, and any loss of production.

  • Veterans Economic Communities Initiative

    The Veterans Economic Communities Initiative increases the number of education and employment opportunities for Veterans and their families through a network of support at the community level. Economic liaisons in certain communities work with government leaders, businesses, education institutions, and nonprofit organizations to help build an integrated network of support and resources for Veterans and their families.

Get Involved

  • Identify specific tasks that will be accomplished by the new employee.
  • Indicate the length of time it should take the employee to accomplish each task.
  • Specify the wage the employee will be earning.
  • Fill out required forms.

VA specialists will help you through the process by identifying suitable Veterans, assisting with completing the forms, and coordinating efforts between you and Veterans.

For more information on tax credits and how to get started, see the full article HERE.

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